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A dedicated space for mental health care for identifying Black women and women of colour.

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OMC Psychotherapy and Wellness Inc. has spent a few years designing services in response to the needs of our community and to help identifying Black women and women of colour discover how to be their best selves. We've learned so much since our journey began about what’s truly important to you and have heard from our clients.

Start with a free Introductory Call

Potential clients may use this phone or video call to ask questions, learn about the counselling and therapy process, and discuss their therapy needs. This will give us a chance to meet and get an idea if we're a good fit for each other. If you do not need an Introductory Call, I invite you to book one of the therapy services using the Client Portal.

Book Your First Session

After the Introductory Call, if you have decided to move forward with therapy services, you can book your first session using the Client Portal or contacting the office. Therapy services are available by secure online video and in-person.

Complete Documentation

Prior to your first session, you will be sent a copy of the Information to Consent to Services form and an Adult Intake Questionnaire. We ask that you complete these two forms at least 48 hours before your first session so that you have enough time to review and complete them.  We encourage you to bring questions to your first session, and together, we will work toward clarification and building understanding. 


  • Let's discuss your therapy needs.

    15 min

  • Book an individual psychotherapy session.

    50 min

  • Help with tapping into your strengths.

    50 min

    150 Canadian dollars


  • Focused on present problems and solutions

  • Specific solutions or behaviours

  • Short term therapy

  • Action and behaviour focused

  • Talk therapy

  • Guidance, support, and education to help clients identify and find their own solutions to current problems

  • Secondary process


Recommended: If you're looking for someone who is essentially a "coach" who can guide and support you as you learn to recognize problems and formulate healthy solutions yourself.

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Stressed Woman


  • Focused on chronic or recurrent problems (e.g., trauma), medical conditions (e.g., cancer), and/or diagnosed mental health conditions (e.g., Bipolar disorder, major anxiety, etc.)

  • Overall patterns, big picture-oriented

  • Typically longer-term therapy

  • Feeling and experience focused

  • May include testing, talk therapy, other therapies tailored to treat chronic conditions

  • In-depth focus on internal thoughts/feelings (core issues) leading to personal growth

  • Primary process


Recommended: If you've seen a counselor and your issues aren't improving even though you've been actively working on solutions.

There are similarities between counselling and psychotherapy, and even with their differences, counselling does include some psychotherapy and psychotherapy does includes some counselling. 

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