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Total Embodied Therapy - Group Therapy

A trauma-focused group therapy program for women of colour.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $80 per session
  • In-Person Appointments

Service Description

The Total Embodied Therapy program is a TRAUMA FOCUSED THERAPY service for women of colour with childhood histories of trauma. The program offers confidential, time-limited group-based psychotherapy and yoga to adults who have experienced childhood interpersonal trauma including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional abuse, and/or neglect that occurred between the ages of 0-18. The TET program requires a commitment of 8 weeks. Each session is 60 minutes. The fee is $80.00 per session. The total cost of the program is $640.00 + HST. The TET program follows a three-phased approach to healing from trauma as outlined by Judith Herman in her book Trauma and Recovery and a body-integrated approach informed by Dr. Peter Levine and Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk. Through a relational-cultural and Black feminist anti-oppressive framework we understand women face all types of oppression and we work in solidarity to promote trauma-focused therapy while supporting the unique needs of individuals. The Program aims to help you: ~Explore and learn about the impact and symptoms of trauma; ~Learn new coping strategies to manage overwhelming emotions, anxiety, numbing, dissociation, flashbacks, urges to self-harm, suicidal thoughts and other trauma symptoms; ~Better understand and identify difficult patterns in relationships and learn to negotiate boundaries; ~Improve self-care and self-soothing capacities. Group therapy is the treatment model used in the Total Embodied Therapy program. We are not able to address individual mental health symptoms (e.g., acute crisis) during the group session. Individuals are required to have adequate affect regulation skills so as to be able to form and maintain a therapeutic relationship with the therapist and other participants. The Total Embodied Therapy program is not a domestic abuse or sexual assault treatment program. The focus of the Program is directly related to managing impact of symptoms related to childhood trauma. Physical and emotional safety is paramount to therapy and to maximize the benefits of the therapy and to mitigate any risks of harm. We do not provide crisis services. If you are seeking long-term therapy, please consider booking Individual Therapy services. You DO NOT need a referral to join the TET program. Individuals will be assessed through an intake interview to be considered for the Program. Book your interview through the Client Portal.

Contact Details

  • 231 Frederick Street #3, Kitchener, ON, Canada


Cancellation Policy

Please review our policy and terms and conditions for using this website. Should you choose to become a client of Own My Canvas Psychotherapy and Wellness Inc., additional forms will be provided.

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