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Counselling vs. Psychotherapy. 

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What's the Difference?

There are similarities between counselling and psychotherapy, and even with their differences, counselling does include some psychotherapy and psychotherapy does includes some counselling. 


  • Focused on present problems and solutions

  • Specific solutions or behaviours

  • Short term therapy

  • Action and behaviour focused

  • Talk therapy

  • Guidance, support, and education to help clients identify and find their own solutions to current problems

  • Secondary process


Recommended: If you're looking for someone who is essentially a "coach" who can guide and support you as you learn to recognize problems and formulate healthy solutions yourself.

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Therapy Session


  • Focused on chronic or recurrent problems (e.g., trauma), medical conditions (e.g., cancer), and/or diagnosed mental health conditions (e.g., Bipolar disorder, major anxiety, etc.)

  • Overall patterns, big picture-oriented

  • Typically longer-term therapy

  • Feeling and experience focused

  • May include testing, talk therapy, other therapies tailored to treat chronic conditions

  • In-depth focus on internal thoughts/feelings (core issues) leading to personal growth

  • Primary process


Recommended: If you've seen a counselor and your issues aren't improving even though you've been actively working on solutions.

Not Quite Sure?

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